Get Over Job Loss Disappointment
And Welcome a Fulfilling Career Change!

Embarking on a major career change after losing your job.

Does this sound nearly impossible right now? It isn't! If you have recently become unemployed you are probably feeling worried, scared and maybe a little angry. But you can take a negative situation (job loss) and turn it into a positive (new career) - you just have to go through the steps to get from where you are now to where you desire to be. Think of this as a guide with step by step instructions to a more fulfilling life and financial freedom. You can do it!

No matter what “stage” of life you find yourself - making the transition to a new and more rewarding career is still attainable. I am considered middle aged, a “baby boomer” and have embraced career change out of necessity. I guess you could say that I am an expert on job loss! After working for over 25 years - mostly in the same field - I was “downsized” (I call if fired!). I tried a few different things at that time, a lot of trial and error. I still ended up with a very similar job and then was “laid off”. Do I even need to mention the current economy? More on my story later - and how I found my calling and changed careers at midlife.

My purpose in telling my story is to help others who are struggling with unemployment. Those who are experiencing grief and frustration and looking for answers. And those of you who are asking: What next? We will discuss practical advice for job seekers. And go beyond that to help you discover your hidden potential and desires. And hopefully you will even find your true calling which can lead to exciting career change. Without all the trial and error that I went through!

We will start right where you are now - trying to cope with job loss and all the frustration that it brings. Its very important that you work through these issues before moving on to the good part! You will need some very practical advice to survive the short-term effects of losing your job. Notice I said short term - it will get better, lots better!

After dealing with the immediate issues we’ll move on to making your life-changing career transition. We’ll explore a number of ideas which all lead to career change. Be ready to do some soul searching. If you worked for a number of years like I did in the same field, you have probably forgotten what you wanted to be when you grew up. It’s time to re-ignite that spark!

Maybe you have a deep seated desire to work independently and be your own boss. Perhaps you have an artistic side that needs to be nurtured. Whatever it is, you will discover things about yourself and your new career goals. And you will get the information needed to proceed.

You will also have the opportunity to tell about your experience on this website, and read what others have gone through as well. It’s a win-win for all of us! By sharing our stories of job loss and career change we can all benefit. The more input from readers the better - you can never have too much information or inspiration.

Get ready for your new life! Start by going to the section Surviving job loss now to get started on your journey from job loss to career change. Think of it as the right place at the right time!

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