Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? You may or may not have heard this term since it is relatively new. At least it was to me! What it boils down to is this: basically you earn a commission to sell other people's products. You will need to have a blog or website with visitors - which will be the source for ads or text links to a specific product on an e-commerce website. This is great news for anyone who has or wants to have a website, but no product to sell!

If you already have a website or blog then all you have to do is sign up with companies to become an affiliate. You can also start a new website such as this one through Sitesell (or SBI) - more on that later. It may very well be worth your time to start a website in order to take advantage of this venture!

The key is to find companies that sell products related to your subject matter. Go directly to any web page that sells products and sign up to become an affiliate for free. If they want to charge you a fee to sign up - don't do it. Legitimate companies will not charge you to advertise their products!

Think about it - you don't have to do anything except provide a link to an e-commerce website and they do the rest. They create the product, stock the product, ship the product, and collect payment from the customer. You don't have to do anything except recommend good, quality products.

Read that last line again because it is very important. Your one main responsibility with affiliate marketing programs is to only recommend the very best products. You want your readers to trust you. Never try to promote a product just to earn a commission! Research the product and the company thoroughly to make sure it is worthwhile. There will be times when your judgment is wrong about a product and you won't find out until after you have recommended it. If this happens, just discontinue the promotion and work on researching more thoroughly the next time. I like to recommend books that I have either read myself or am familiar with the author.

Think about the subject of your website or blog. What products would be a good fit? If your subject has to do with pets, there are many products for pet owners on the market. Find a good quality site that sells such items. Maybe one that you have ordered from yourself in the past. Do an online search for your subject matter and you are sure to find websites that sell items relating it it.

Try this website which is an online database for affiliate marketing. Besides their directory of affiliate marketing companies, there are numerous articles and reviews also. Another idea to help you find what you are looking for is to go to a search engine and search for the term "affiliate programs". You can also enter your subject plus the term, as in "pet products"+"affiliate programs" to narrow your search.

Also try for even more ideas. This one is also a guide to help educate you in affiliate marketing if you are new to the concept.

There is a lot of information to take in but just remember at least one key point - if you have a passion for virtually any subject - you can write about it and include affiliate marketing in your website or blog.

No dream is impossible! Go for it!

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