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This section is devoted to career change help and advice to get you started on your journey. Are you anxious to move forward in your quest for true career fulfillment?

Actually, if you have read and followed the tips in the Surviving Job Loss section then you have already begun your journey. If not, then you might want to read that section. Have you found ways to cope with your job loss? Have you taken the practical steps of applying for unemployment and money management? Do you have the self confidence and motivation to move on? Great!

Shake the dust from your past, and move forward in His promises. - Kay Arthur

As with any major life changes, finding your "true calling" or the right career for you includes a transitional period. Our career change ideas and tips must include steps to assist you on your journey. As you go through your transition, remember that your long term goal of true career change is within reach.

As a first step you can begin by paying close attention to your personal health and well being See this section for an in depth discussion of this topic.

In order to stay motivated you will need some serious positive thinking ! Read some motivational books, give yourself a daily pep talk.

Start thinking about what you want to do next. Explore possibilities and write down ideas:

Do you want to change fields? What education will you need?

Do you want to start your own business/work from home? Do some research - more on this topic in the Career Exploration section.

Understand that multiple income streams are very important in today's economy and should be given careful consideration.

This is the time to explore and research! All the career change help is available to you for your job transition.

You might want to consider getting some additional guidance if you are still stuck and not sure where to go from here. See this section on career change coaching for some more ideas. This section includes job coaching resources and a link for several books on the subject.

In summary - your transitional period is the time to take care of yourself (and your family), get the help you need, stay motivated and explore new possibilities!

Do you need extra help and encouragement to stay healthy? Explore this website for Healthy Living Tips

career change guide Your ultimate guide on career-change. Find useful articles, news, links and resources on career-change at What have you done to survive job loss? Do you have some specific examples on how you have coped with this transition, or some encouraging words to share? Please share your story with us!


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