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Now that you have survived job loss - it's time for career exploration! Hopefully by now you have worked on taking care of yourself, gained some self confidence, and thought about what you want to do next - so it's time to forge ahead on the next step of your career change journey. The possibilities for a new career are virtually unlimited. During our career exploration, we sometimes have to think creatively for ways to fulfill our dreams. We will be looking at a number of ideas. At this point you might have a specific goal in mind, but not be completely sure on how to reach it. This is especially true if your dreams involve going into business for yourself. Not to worry - once you have identified your passion you will be motivated to make it happen!

If you have decided on a traditional career where you will be working for someone else, then your career exploration is pretty simple. If you want to work in the medical field then you would of course start by researching possible medical jobs. The same is true of any field. And as I have mentioned before - consider part time or volunteer work to make sure of your choices. Whether you have decided on a new traditional career, or need to find temporary work then see this section on job searching. Sometimes our lifelong dreams will involve working for ourselves and creating our own financial freedom.

If you have a general idea of what type of work you want to do the next step is to break it down into possible career choices. For example: If you would love working with animals, then brainstorm some possible occupations. Working as a veterinarian or assistant would probably come to mind first. But get creative and think outside the box. What about pet sitting, dog walking, dog grooming, pet photography or pet grooming? You could write articles, blogs or web pages for other animal lovers.

If you love to travel there are many ways to earn money - travel magazine writing, travel photography, creating brochures, starting your own travel website.

If your passion is about creating things like artwork, crafts, woodwork, music, cooking etc. then think of ways to promote your work. Instead of the usual craft shows or trade shows, what about advertising online?

Whatever your interest - there are numerous ways to earn money. Be creative! Sometimes two or more ideas can be combined, like the above mentioned pet photography (love of animals and photography). If you are still having trouble figuring out how to earn money from your passions, here is the best news:

Virtually any interest you have can be used to create a website with earning potential. I will explain this in more detail in a later section about "my story". But for now, just keep in mind that even an informational website such as this one can be one of your options. I mention this now so that you won't worry too much if you are stuck for ideas. I know the feeling since I've been there myself! I have also struggled while exploring career choices and worried how it would all work out. If this prospect excites you, then go ahead and click on this link to see how an informational website could work for you.

Also see Books on Career Exploration for numerous books to get you thinking!

During your career exploration try looking at numerous "think outside the box" career choices. One thing to consider is work at home jobs, both online and offline. While there are legitimate online money making ideas, use extreme caution. Unfortunately there are many scams out there. Any recommendations that I make on this website - or any advertisement that you see here have been thoroughly researched to insure they are worthwhile. I have been ripped off before, and I wasn't happy about it! And I certainly do not want any of my readers to get ripped off. My main purpose in writing this website is to teach others what I have learned through trial and error.

And speaking of recommendations, I highly recommend that you go to this site to see what a true expert can teach you about financial freedom at

changing Another good income source to consider is freelance work. This can be a great choice if you want the freedom of working for yourself without the cost of starting a traditional business. Since there are so many freelance opportunities, I am devoting a separate career exploration page on this topic. Please see the section on freelance jobs.

One venture that has really excited me is . affiliate marketing See this section for a detailed discussion on how you can earn money by selling another company's products.

You also might want to read this section on work at home job tips for some special advice on how to manage your time and boost your chances for success.

Another excellent source I have found for career exploration is

Job Search Cafe which offers "Advice, Inspiration, and Direction for your Job Search". I have found this to be an easy to navigate site loaded with information on job searching, resumes, interviews, and dealing with change.

Career exploration in Summary: Brainstorm ways to produce an income from your passion, which will become your career choice. Do as much research as needed - you can never over prepare. And remember that nothing is written in stone and can always be changed - this is your life and you are making the rules! Don't ever give up and don't ever settle!

Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve. -- Mary Kay Ash

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