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Have you ever dreamed of being a writer? You might want to consider freelance writing jobs! If you're reading this page, then I assume you must have some prior interest in a writing career. Maybe it goes back a long ways - you wrote great papers when you were in school, maybe even had some success getting published - but have been out of practice since then.

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I'm not talking about writing a best-selling novel or nonfiction book. That's what most people think of when you mention being a writer. Freelance writing jobs can include any type of publication that someone is willing to pay you to write. Think magazine and newspaper articles, company newsletters, church bulletins, greeting cards and online content.

If you're anything like me then your writing skills might have become a little rusty. It doesn't matter - If you once had the desire and talent to write - it's still there somewhere! You just need to tap into it and find some help to get started. Just like anything else - if you want a freelance writing job then you have to do the necessary work to achieve that goal. Maybe you need to brush up on your grammar skills and find topics to write about.

If you think you do not have what it takes to become a freelance writer - here over 150 reasons that say you can do it! Take a look at these freelance writing books . You will find many helpful books that can help jump start your freelance writing career. Some are for beginners and most of them include sections on writing tips and how to market your writing for profit. Just about anything you want to write about can be sold!

Here are just a few ideas I got from browsing some of the writing books available:

Freelance writing for greeting cards - Do you have a creative side that you like to express through writing? This can include writing poetry, inspirational messages, and humor. If this sounds like the material that you enjoy writing, then it would be worth your time to read up on what it takes to write greeting cards.

Travel writing - Do you love to travel? What could be better than combining your love of travel and love of writing with a freelance writing job? If this sounds exciting to you then I would recommend reading a book or two on the subject. This could easily be someone's dream job! There are many options for travel writing if you think creatively and brainstorm ideas. What about starting a website about your favorite vacation spot? Or you could write travel brochures or publish an e-book.

Magazine articles - Read up on how to become a freelance writer for magazines. Some of the books on the above list are devoted specifically to magazine article writing. They include information on how to brainstorm ideas for articles, what magazines you should try, how to build relationships with editors, and much more.

Writing for web content - this category includes a broad range of freelance writing job ideas. So much of our communication now is through the internet! Besides starting and writing your own website, you can also submit content for other sites and get paid. There are websites devoted to specific topics that need good writers such as technical, medical and many more informational subjects. If you have past experience and expertise in virtually any field and know how to write, then you are on your way. What about writing an E-book? This is a huge market!

Besides reading books on freelance writing jobs take advantage of other sources as well. Use the freelance job board websites. Do a web search for other resources. If you have a specific subject in mind that you would like to write about - research the topic and also companies that would likely be interested in what you have to say.

Bottom line? Freelance writing is a very broad subject with many opportunities to write for profit. Virtually anything that you can write about can be sold - and you will be on your way to a new dream career where you call all the shots!

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