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Here is a list of useful job interview tips. Some of them should be well known, but not everyone has had the recent experience of a job interview. Many of us were employed with the same company for many years before suddenly being out of work. When you land that first interview it pays to be prepared. And there are a few things that have changed over the years - although some ideas are timeless.


1. Research and review the company website

This is a very important job interview tip, so don't overlook it. You will want to come across as being prepared for your interview. Employers expect candidates to have some prior knowledge of what the company does and a basic understanding of the job you are applying for. Use this research to prepare questions that you will be asking at the end of your interview. You can also use it during discussion at your interview where appropriate - For example, if they mention their sales volume you could say that you noticed that number on their website and it is very impressive.

2. Plan your attire a day or so before the interview

Try on the outfit you plan to wear to make sure it fits properly and that you look good in it. You want to feel confident, so it's important to like how you look. Wash or iron anything that needs it. Have everything ready that you will be wearing including shoes, socks and jewelry. Dress professionally - think conservative dress, like people wear in a bank or nice office. Even if the employees dress casually for work, it is not okay for you to dress that way for the interview. And jeans are never okay - even if you are interviewing for a factory job. At the very least, wear dress slacks and a dress shirt. My number one job interview tip for this category: Less is more! Be conservative with your jewelry, hair style, makeup, and especially perfume. It is better not to wear any perfume or cologne at all, except maybe a very small amount of a light fragrance for women, and an aftershave for men.

3. Review directions and plan your route.

This is another extremely important job interview tip. Unless the company is in the town where you live, and you have been by there many times - you must be sure you know the directions and how long it will take to get there. Check their website to see if they have instructions and a map - usually under the "location" tab. You should also use, google maps or some other map software. Once you calculate how long it takes to get there, plan on leaving at least 20 minutes prior - 30 minutes for a commute longer than one hour. If you arrive early then you can use this time to use the rest room - try to find one at a nearby fast food restaurant, or one in the building but not on the same floor or suite as your interview.

4. Print out a clean copy of your resume.

You might have applied online and the copy that the interviewer has will not be good quality. When you sit down after introductions, say "I brought a clean copy of my resume if you would like to have it." This shows that you came prepared for your interview. Take a thin notebook or folder with your resume, paper to write on, and an ink pen. The only other things you should be carrying are car keys in a pocket, reading glasses if needed and maybe a small purse for women.

5. Type a list of references to take along

You may not need them, but again this interview tip will help you to look prepared. Tell the interviewer that you have a list of references if they need them, either when you offer your resume or at the end of the interview.


1. Arrive five minutes early for your interview

Your goal is to walk into the office of your interview five minutes early, ten at the most. If you show up any earlier than that you take the chance of annoying the person you are meeting with. They might not be ready for you yet and will feel stressed or guilty for keeping you waiting. So if you arrive too early - sit in your car if necessary or take a short drive once you have found the location. Just don't sit in your car directly in front of the building where they might notice you - that could be embarrassing!

2. Turn off your cell phone!!

No other comments are need for this job interview tip!

3. Smile and be polite to everyone at the interview site.

This job interview tip should start with the receptionist or person that greets you. Treat everyone with respect and be sincerely friendly and polite, not phony. When you meet the person you are interviewing with - smile and shake hands. Be professional, not too casual. Maintain eye contact during the interview. If you are nervous, it won't show if you have confidence in your voice and mannerisms. Siting up straight also shows confidence.

4. Ask appropriate questions when prompted

It is very important to have some relevant, intelligent questions to ask about the job and the company. You should have written them down in advance when you reviewed the company website. Usually at the end of the job interview they will ask if you have any questions. If they covered everything that you were going to ask - think of something else like what is a typical day like on this job? Will I have flexibility to do some problem solving? It is okay to ask about hours, but not about pay. Sometimes they will bring it up, but you should not. They may even ask you what your salary requirements are so be prepared. Research to see what the job pays and try giving a range if possible.

5. Send a thank you note!

You should send out a hand written thank you note addressed to the person you met with and mail it out immediately. Email is sometimes okay - if you have been in communication through email then send a thank you email right after your interview. If the person who interviewed you is older or if they seem to be more "old school" when it comes to technology then stick with the handwritten note. These people will be more impressed with an old fashioned note through snail mail. Not everyone follows this job interview tip, so you will stand out. Some people think that it makes you look desperate, but I disagree. It is simply good manners to thank the interviewer for their time. Keep it short - I enjoyed meeting with you and hope to become a part of your team - or something to that effect in your own words. If you met with more than one person, send a thank you note to each person.

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If you follow these few job interview tips you can be confident of getting noticed! Use every advantage you can to get the job you are seeking.


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