Free Job Retraining

Will you need job retraining along your journey to your new career?

Good news - you can probably get it for free! There are many resources available to you.

The first thing I recommend is to research your state's benefits. With the current United States economy, most states have programs in place to retrain workers. In Michigan the program is called "No worker left behind". Michigan has lost a lot of manufacturing jobs so the goal is to retrain people for higher demand careers such as the medical field. Chances are good that your state will have a similar program.

Also be aware of scholarships and grants. There are educational grants available to many types of situations - and they're not always based on income! For example, there are grants available to working Mom's (and Dad's). This may take a little research but it's well worth it. Do an online search for any situation you can think of that might apply to you.

Try to search for scholarships and grants. It's free to join and they send email alerts when a program becomes available.

Also check out and search their free database of scholarships and grants.

A few things to remember as you research job retraining options: You are on a journey to career fulfillment so keep your long term goals in mind. Don't sign up for a program that you will hate just because it's available. I wish that I wanted to work in the medical field since medical careers are in demand. But I am not cut out for it and would probably hate it.

However, career change is a process and you might need to consider stops along the way. This will depend on your career goal and how long it will take to reach. If your ultimate goal is to be a self employed jewelry designer, you might need to work in another field until you can get earn an income as a jewelry designer. Let's say you find an educational grant for training in graphic design. Could you see yourself doing this type of work while pursuing your jewelry business idea? In other words, try to find a reasonable interim job if necessary to pay the bills during your career transition.

Use job retraining if needed, to find a balance between financial necessity and financial freedom. You are not settling - just making necessary stops along your journey from job loss to career change.

Keep your focus and prepare to move ahead!

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