Evaluating Your Job Termination Reason

What was your job termination reason? The answer might not be the one you give to others, but you must give a completely honest answer to YOURSELF. It is vitally important that you know why you were terminated before you can move on. If your employer did not give you a reason, then you will need to figure it out for yourself. And recognize that employers don't always give you the real reason!

Did your job termination reason have to do with your job performance? If this was discussed with you by your employer, it may have come as a surprise and maybe you do not agree with it. You might very well be a victim of "office politics" and there could have been other motives for letting you go. However, this is not the time to dwell on the negative and get caught up in how unfairly you were treated. Ask yourself honestly if your job performance could have been a factor in the reason for your termination. You do not need to beat yourself up over it, but rather learn from any mistakes you might have made.

Were you simply a victim of downsizing due to economic downturn? This is probably the number one job termination reason in today's economy. However, an honest self evaluation is still a necessary part of your ability to move on to the next career step. Even if you had no control over the circumstances of your job loss, there is still much to be learned from your experience.

"Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on."- Les Brown

Do an honest self evaluation of everything concerning your most recent job. This is the time for some honest soul searching - don't hold back! You don't need to share it with others unless you want to. This is all about knowing yourself before you can take a new direction. We have already talked about figuring out your job termination reason. Re-examine this topic if you need to since it is so important in this phase of surviving job loss. Even if you were a great employee and simply a victim of downsizing, there is still so much to learn about yourself beyond the actual job loss reason. Everything in life is a learning experience! There is always a lesson to be learned and you must find out what it is. Start by evaluating everything about your work experience:

How did you relate to your coworkers and supervisors? Was there anything about your interactions that you can learn from? Maybe you worked with one or more very difficult people which caused some workplace stress. Hopefully you figured out how to deal most effectively with these people. There is much to be learned about getting along with difficult people and experience is the best teacher! Evaluate how well you did and ask yourself what you might have done differently. This will help you tremendously in the future. And again, don't be too hard on yourself but rather use it as a learning tool.

To summarize the importance of determining your job termination reason: Figure out what knowledge you can take with you to your next job or business opportunity. What should you do differently? What situations did you handle well and feel good about? Think about all that you have learned from this job both good and bad - job skills, interpersonal relationships,etc. Decide if you actually want to stay in the same field or if this is a golden opportunity for change!


"When one door of happiness closes, another opens,but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us."- Helen Keller

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