Personal Health And Well Being

Make personal health one of your top priorities. It is important to take care of yourself during this time. When dealing with job loss you have a number of mental and emotional issues that need to be dealt with. And we often forget to take care of our physical health as well.

We must understand that there is a Mind - Body - Spirit connection and it's important to take care of all three. We discussed some of the emotional issues in the section Surviving Job Loss: Taking time to grieve over your job loss, positive thinking and self confidence. And the ultimate goal is to turn despair into financial freedom. Please read this section if you are still struggling with emotional upset.

Taking care of your physical self is a big part of your personal health and well being. Be aware of your eating habits and improve if necessary. Healthy eating goes a long way towards physical health. Get some exercise - Now is the perfect time since you have more time to spare then when you were working. You will feel much better about yourself and stay motivated to accomplish your goals.

Schedule any doctor and dentist appointments that you have been putting off. Are you due for a physical exam? Take advantage of your new-found time! And another reason to not delay is whether or not you will still have medical insurance coverage.

Do a few things that you enjoy and didn't have the time to do when you were working. Do you have any hobbies that have been forgotten with your busy life style? Sometimes we forget what those hobbies that we use to enjoy even were! Read a novel. Do some household projects that have been put on hold. You might not enjoy them all that much, but will feel good about accomplishing something.

Remember:Mind, Body, Spirit - Take care of your self in order to feel good and continue on your career change journey!

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