Positive Thinking For Your Success

Positive thinking in order to move forward may seem obvious but sometimes we have to work at it.

Just telling yourself to think only the best thoughts might not work. We need to train our minds and therefore our thinking. Every time you start to think negatively about your chances of career fulfillment, catch yourself. Just the act of realizing that you're having a negative thought is the place to start.

Pay special attention to your thoughts if you start to rehash losing your job. This will sneak up on you a number of times! Sometimes it will come up in conversation with former co-workers or people that ask you about how you lost your job. They may mean well and be on your side, but it's counter productive to keep talking about it. Remember, you already got that out of your system when you learned how to cope with your job loss. You are now ready to move forward. Politely tell people that you need to move on and don't want to dwell on your past circumstances. If you have former co-workers that do not respect that, limit your contact with them. If you still consider them friends then give them a second or third chance to stop bringing up the past. Then if they don't - let them go. It might be hard but you need to surround yourself with positive people.

Now replace those negative thoughts with an affirmation or two:

I can do this! I will find my desired career choice. I will overcome my doubts and fears. I will be a success! I am researching new possibilities towards financial freedom.

This type of positive thinking is sometimes called "self talk". Whatever we "say" to ourselves manifests into our lives - so be wise about the thoughts you have!

Reading motivational books can be a big help if you need some positive reinforcements. It never hurts to surround ourselves with inspirational people through their written words. Browse through the bookstores or search online.

Write down affirmations for future reference. I recommend keeping a notebook or journal for your entire career change process. Organize it however you wish - maybe a section for reminders of your past successes and one for future possibilities. Write down every idea you come across for a new business or career that interests you. Include a log for every job that you have applied for and all practical matters like filing for unemployment.


  • Catch yourself in the act of thinking negative thoughts.

  • Replace your thoughts with positive reinforcements.

  • Welcome positive people and written information.

  • Start your own written journal for your career exploration.

  • Practice positive thinking and it will come naturally!

"The human race does command its own destination, and that destiny can eventually embrace the stars."--Lorraine Hansberry

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