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You might consider a work at home job to be the ultimate choice for providing financial freedom. Being your own boss means that you control your earning power, not someone else. While it is true that you will have the freedom to work your own hours and earn a living based on your own efforts, you need to be wise in your choices. How you spend your time will directly effect your outcome - and therefore your income!

After you have researched any work at home job opportunity thoroughly, It is important to learn some practical time management skills in order to be successful.

Being your own boss means you only answer to yourself - so don't be too easy on yourself. Working from home requires a lot of discipline. You will have days when you are tempted to slack off and put work on hold. After all, who's going to reprimand you if the work isn't done? Even if you have found work that you love to do, there will be days when you don't feel like working. While the occasional day off might not hurt, certainly don't make it a habit!

Decide up front what hours you will need to work in order to get your business or new career up and running. Be realistic - determine how many hours in the day and week that you need to focus and be productive. And then figure out what part of the day and what days during the week will be your working hours. Your work at home job hours will be determined by your life circumstances: whether you have small children at home, other family obligations, etc. If you have children in school and an infant or toddler at home, then work during your baby's nap times. And maybe late in the evening after the children are in bed. It is up to you to figure out when you will be able to devote uninterrupted time for work. Consider day care for a few hours a day if needed, especially during your business start up. Don't feel guilty about this! Even though you probably wanted your work from home job to provide more time with your kids - it simply will not work out for you and your family if you are not able to build a business and start earning an income from your efforts. A few hours a day with no interruptions will help tremendously.

Another thing to consider is the time of day that you are most productive. Are you a morning person, or do you love sleeping in and working later in the day? If you do not have children at home, then you can determine when you are at your best by your own body clock.

Make out a daily and weekly schedule on a calendar. This activity will help to keep you focused on work and keep you from wasting time during your working hours. If you organize this realistically, there should be some time during your day for breaks to do things that you enjoy. After all - the freedom to plan your day is one of the main benefits! So build in a few hours during your week for enjoyable activities. Think of this time as a reward for getting your work done that day or week - but only if you actually worked during your scheduled time! This will help to keep you motivated and keep you from neglecting your new work at home job.

Of course you can always tweak your calendar and change your working hours if your current schedule isn't working out. That's the beauty of having a work at home job! You make all the decisions, not an employer! The rewards will be well worth the sacrifices - but you absolutely must do the work necessary to succeed. While no one is telling you what to do, no one else will be guarantying your income either. It is all up to you so make the most of it.

I had to learn most of what I'm telling you the hard way. The first time I tried working from home was in the mid 90's. I decided to pursue a career in sales so I obtained a license to sell life and health insurance. I loved the freedom of having a stay at home job but lacked the discipline. Actually, I didn't even realize the fact that I needed discipline or motivation - I guess I thought it would just all work out! I was not prepared and had no clue ahead of time what self-employment was all about. I failed to make a schedule, just worked hard for a couple hours a day making phone calls and then calling it quits for the rest of the day. Some days I was super productive - then some days I didn't work at my new career at all. It wasn't because I was lazy - there were so many other obligations and distractions! But it was all because I didn't have a concrete plan or schedule for my work at home job.

Have you heard of what is referred to as the "sandwich generation"? That was me during this time when I was trying to work from home. I had a child at home and aging parents that also needed attention. I even had grandchildren that I helped take care of. I would drop everything and go help with whatever was needed from me. My Mother would call me and I would run to the store for her. A grandchild would need a babysitter at the last minute and I would volunteer. And I wanted to be available when my son got home from school even though he was old enough to take care of himself for a few hours. My work was always getting put on hold so my sales career suffered. I now know that it was my own fault because I didn't have a plan!

It all boils down to treating your work at home job like a real career - because it is! You need to set boundaries and stick to them! Let your family know what your work schedule is and tell them you will not be available during this time unless there is a real emergency. Make sure they understand what a real emergency is! After all, if I had been working a traditional job then I wouldn't have been available to run errands or babysit grandchildren! Of course it is okay to do these things, and it's great to be able to have the time to help out. But you must set aside the time and let others know what days or hours you are available. People will sometimes take advantage when they find out you are home during the day. It is not because they don't care - it's usually because they don't understand what it is like to work from home. So it is up to you to educate them about your work at home job and make sure your time is guarded:

Use a separate phone for business. Let family members and friends know that you will not be answering your home phone during your business hours. They can leave a message and you can call them back. You can always check for messages right away in case it happens to be urgent. Be very selective on who has your business number - only your spouse or significant other, your children and their school. In other words, only those that you would want to hear from immediately for any real emergencies.

No matter how busy your life is right now - you can still have the financial freedom of working for yourself. As long as you set the rules and reinforce them when necessary then your job will go smoothly. Sometimes you have to teach people to respect your work at home job. It should be no different than when you were working for someone else and were not allowed to have constant personal interruptions. It took me many years to learn this simple concept! Hopefully my readers will learn something from my mistakes.

I am now at a stage in life where I don't have the problems mentioned before so I can focus more easily on my career. I no longer have as many family obligations to distract me when I'm working. I am very fortunate to have a supportive husband. Plus, it is much more common now to work from home so people are more accepting and understanding. Even though the trend to work from home was well under way back in the 1990's, many people did not realize it. But regardless of what stage of life you find yourself in - don't wait for the "perfect storm" to start a new career! It seems like my son grew up, and both of my parents were gone in the blink of an eye. I look back now and wonder where the time went! And I wonder why it was so difficult to balance my time between family and work. It could have worked out much better with a simple calendar and a few ground rules!

So if you are looking for a way to spend more time with your loved ones - make this work! Whatever business ventures, online jobs, or self employed career you have chosen - it is worth working at to be successful. If having a stay at home job is an important goal to you - don't let that dream die! If one idea doesn't work out then try again with another venture until you find a good fit.

Once you have begun to see some progress and are earning an income for your efforts, you will be even more motivated. You will say to yourself: this actually works! Then you just need to keep up the momentum - the activities will vary depending on your type of venture. And then it might be time to add another. Remember multiple income streams - Get one work at home job up and running and then start another until it is also successful. That is the way to true financial freedom - never depending on only one income source!

Follow these tips and keep moving in the direction of your dreams! You are the only one who can determine your future so don't wait for someone else to do it for you!

Watch this short video to see how some people have followed their dreams for a work at home job, and financial freedom:

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